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Conceptualisms: The Anthology of Prose, Poetry, Visual, Found, E-, and Hybrid Writing as Contemporary Art


Table of Contents (Including Links to On-Line Works. For all Other Works See Printed Book)

Introduction  (online here)


1 | Writing Language Writing: A Preface (Of Sorts) (online)

R. Henry Nigl
     “The Shout Artist”

Kass Fleisher
     “The Speed of Zoom”

Scott Helmes
     “Non-Additive Postulates”
    “Division of the Soul”

Ben Marcus
     “The Name Machine” from Notable American Women.


Bob Perelman



Cole Swensen
     “Thought Experiment”
    “Should Something Happen to the Heart”
    “How Photography has Changed the Human Face”

     “Chaïm Soutine: Reeling Trees”

Harry Mathews
     “Translation and the OuLiPo: The Case of the Persevering Maltese”

Bhanu Kapil
     from The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers


Lyn Hejinian
     from My Life

     “A pause, a rose, something on paper”
    “As for we who ‘love to be astonished”
    “It seemed that we had hardly begun and we were already there”
    “A name trimmed with colored ribbons”
    “What is the meaning hung from that depend”
    “The obvious analogy is with music”
    “Like plump birds along the shore.”

Leslie Scalapino
     “Delay Series”

John Ashbery
     “Business Personals”

Noah Eli Gordon
     from Novel Pictorial Noise

Blake Butler
     from Scorch Atlas


Carla Harryman
     from Adorno's Noise

     “No More Casement Windows to Open”
    “Regard for the Object Rather than Communication Is Suspect”

2 | The Double Helix of Contemporary Writing & Contemporary Thought (online)


Charles Bernstein    

     “The Lie of Art”

     "Thank You for Saying You're Welcome"

Michael Martone

     "Jaques Derrida Writes Postcards to Himself from a Diner in Winesbur, Indiana"

Lydia Davis

Joe Amato
     from Under Virga


William H. Gass
     “A Little Song of Suffering on Behalf of Prose”

Jonathan Safran Foer
     “Finitude: From the Permanent Collection”

Caroline Bergvall

     Say: "Parsley" (online)

David Foster Wallace

Brian Evenson
     “Altman’s Tongue” (audio)
      “House Rules”

Deb Olin Unferth

Lucy Corin
     “Some Machines”

Jenny Boully
     from The Book of Beginnings and Endings

Lidia Yuknavitch
     “The Chronology of Water”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
     “Draft 95: Erg”

Percival Everett

George Saunders
     “The Wavemaker Falters”

Robert Coover
      “The Return of the Dark Children”

Joshua Marie Wilkinson
     from Meadow Slasher

Steven Ross Smith
     "The Reader"

3 | Writing Technologies/ Digital Wor(l)ds (online)


Jason Huff    

     from AutoSummarize


Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries   
     "Dakota" (online)
     "Nippon" (online)


Nam Le with Matt Huynh, Kylie Boltin, and Matt Smith     

       The Boat (online)


John Cayley, with Douglas Cape and Giles Perring

        What We Will (online)


The High Muck a Muck Collective Including Fred Wah, Jin Zhang, Nicola Harwood, Thomas Loh, and Bessie Wapp      

       High Muck a Muck  (online)


Charles Bernstein
       "The Yellow Pages" (online)


Stephanie Strickland and Ian Hatcher
       Liberty Ring! (online)


Lance Olsen with Tim Gutherie
"The Nature of the Creative Process" (online)

       10:01 (online)


Illya Szilak and Cyril Tsiboulski
         Queerskins (online)

J.R. Carpenter  

      "The Gathering Cloud" (online)

David Jhave Johnston
        "Henry" (online)
       "Ouadane" (online)

Alan Bigelow
        "Silence" (online)
       "Last Words" (online)
"My Life in Three Parts" (online)


Scott Rettberg and Roderick Coover

      “Hearts and Minds: The Interrogation Project” (online)

mez breeze

      "V[R]erses: An XR Story"  (online)

Nick Thurston

     from Of the Subcontract, Or Principles of Poetic Right

4 | Architecture of the Page/Writing and Visual Form/Visual Form as Writing (online)


Lesley Dill
     “Blue Poem Girl”

Lee Siegel
     from Love in a Dead Language, “The Kama Sutra Classic Comic”

Johanna Drucker
     from: Narratology


Lily Hoang

     from Changing

Tom Phillips
     from A Humument

Graham Rawle
     from Woman's World

Susan Howe & Susan Bee
     from Bed Hangings

Rimma Gerlovina & Valeriy Gerlovin
     “Be-lie-ve” & “Absolute-Relative”


Douglas Kearney

     "Runnaway Tongue"

5 | Clouds, Collage & the Aesthetics of Ripping, Mixing, & Burning  (online)


Niels Plenge with Charles Bernstein

   "The Answer" (online)


Davis Schneiderman
     Drone Space Modulator (online)


Mark Z. Danielewski
     from House of Leaves

Frank Rogaczewski
     “So What Else is New?”
    “The Fate of Humanity in Verse”

Craig Dworkin
     from Parse

Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse

     from Between Page and Screen (online)

David Clark

     88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the left hand)  (online)


6 | Reworking the Past / & the Future / & the Present  (online)

Charles Bernstein
     “Before Time”


Richard McGuire


Fred Wah
     “Akokli (Goat) Creek”
    “Havoc Nation”
    “Hamill’s Last Stand”
    “The Poem Called Syntax”

Harryette Mullen
     “Bilingual Instructions”
    “Black Nikes”
    “Coals to Newcastle, Panama Hats from Ecuador”
    “Sleeping with the Dictionary”

Anna Joy Springer with Rachel Carns and Jane O'Neil
     “The Forest of Mandatory Innocence”  (audio)
     “The Forest of Peril That’s Real”  (audio)
     “The Forest of Good Bad Intentions”  (audio)
     “The Not Fake Parallel Forest”  (audio)
     “No Escape Hatch in the Forest”  (audio)

Michael Mejia
     "Coyote Takes Us Home

Carole Maso

Patrik Ourednik
     from: Europeana

Stacey Levine
     "And You Are?"

Salvador Plascensia
     from The People of Paper

Kate Bernheimer
     “A Star Wars Tales”

Rikki Ducornet
      “Wild Child”

Hank Lazer


Debra Di Blasi

     “Winter” from Selling the Farm: Descants from a Recollected Past

Lynne Tillman


7 | Sound Writing (online)


Steve McCaffery   

      "The White Pages" (video online)

Nathaniel Mackey
     "Song of Andoumboulou 18, 19 & 20" (audio)


David Antin
     "stepping into the river" (audio)


Ian Hatcher

    "All Hands Meeting" (audio)

R.M. Berry
     from FRANK

David Melnick
     from Men in Aida


8 | DNA, Found Scores, Machine Writing, and Other Post-Literature Literatures (online)


David Buuck
     “Black Box Theater: United 93”

Vanessa Place
     from Tragodía

Nick Montfort



Shelley Jackson

     from SKIN


   "Spreeder: For EPC20 4am-5am Sept 11, 2014 (Part 1) (online)


Eduardo Kac

Christian Bök
     The Xenotext Experiment

9 | Contributors, Statements, and Biographies (online)



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