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Strickland Hatcher image_ liberty-ring.tif

Liberty Ring!
Stephanie Strickland and
Ian Hatcher


What We Will


Giles Perring, James Waite,

John Cayley, Douglas Cape

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The Gathering Cloud

J.R. Carpenter

Schneiderman website.png

Drone Space Modulator

Davis Schneiderman

Shout Art

R. Henry Nigl


Hearts and Minds:
The Interrogations Project

Scott Rettberg and Roderick Coover

from Your Metaforest Guidebook
Anna Joy Springer with Rachel Carns
and Jane O'Neil

“The Forest of Mandatory Innocence”  (audio)

“The Forest of Peril That’s Real”  (audio)

“The Forest of Good Bad Intentions”  (audio)

“The Not Fake Parallel Forest”  (audio)

“No Escape Hatch in the Forest”  (audio)

Say Parsley

Caroline Bergvall

The Nature of the Creative Process
Lance Olsen, Author
Tim Gutherie, Animator

Nicola Harwood High Muck a Muck for p 236_16.HMM.Website.BC.jpg
Jhave Oudane cropped for webpage.png

Oudane & Henry


"Dakota" and "Nippon"

White Pages

Steve McCaffery

The Yellow Pages

Charles Bernstein

The Answer
Charles Bernstein & Niels Plenge

"Silence," "Last Words," and

"My Life in Three Parts"

from Webyarns

Alan Bigelow


Song of the Andoumboulou,

18           19            20               (audio)

Nathaniel Mackey

Lance Olsen, Author, Tim Gutherie, Animator
NOTE: To play, the RUFFLE Extension must first be added to your browser. Click here for Chrome (recommended). Click here for Firefox (experimental)

Altman's Tongue

Brian Evenson


Clark 88 Constellations Title pg for web
88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the left hand)
David Clark

NOTE: To play, you may need to add the RUFFLE Extension to your browser. Click here for Chrome (recommended). Click here for Firefox (experimental).
See Sample HERE

stepping into the river
David Antin

Antin Stepping into River Part 1 midnoise reduce 04_25_23
part 2
part 3
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